Adding Shopping Cart Functionality with Adxstudio Portals and Microsoft Dynamics

Adxstudio Portals contain a commerce feature that can be used to quickly and easily add shopping cart functionality to your portal. This feature can be integrated with 3rd party payment providers like or PayPal to allow your portal’s users to purchase products that you have created in Microsoft Dynamics. The following is a step-by-step tutorial for setting up a shopping cart web page for your portal.

  1. First you must create a Page Template for the shopping cart by navigating to Portals and then Page Templates

    You must enter “Shopping Cart” as the value for Name and “~/Areas/Commerce/Pages/ShoppingCart.aspx” as the value for Rewrite URL. The other fields may be filled in as appropriate for your portal.

  2. After you have created and saved the Page Template, add a new Web Page for your Shopping Cart. Enter values appropriate to your portal while ensuring that the value entered for Page Template is the “Shopping Cart” template that you created in Step 1.

  3. Finally, you will need to set up a Site Marker by navigating to Portals and then Site Markers.

    You must enter “Shopping Cart” as the value for Name and ensure that you enter the Web Page that you created in Step 2 as the value for Page.

    That is all there is to it. After setting up the Shopping Cart page on your Adxstudio Portal, you can customize the “Checkout” Web Form to fit the needs of your checkout process and integrate with a payment processing service provider to complete your portal’s shopping cart solution.

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