How to Create and Configure a New SharePoint Site Through Office 365

  • Log into and navigate to the SharePoint home page

  • Click the Create Site button on the top left of the page

    1. Click the + button and create a new site, give it a meaningful name
    2. Do not use spaces for the URL, we can update the way it looks later

  • It should look like this: 

  • Click the Office 365 settings button, then Add an app 

  • Select Announcement, Calendar, Issue tracking, Tasks and click Save
    1. You can organize them on the right, anyway you see fit
    2. Click save, then Home

  • Click the Page tab, then Edit 

  • Under the Insert tab, click App Part. Here you will be able to add the apps to the home screen, not just the links on the right-hand side 

    1. You must add each app individually
      1. You can drag them around in any order, as required

    2. Once the home screen is completed, add the desired logo
      1. Under Settings > Site Settings: Title, Description, and Logo, you can add the logo to the page and adjust the name of the title to include spaces 
    3. You can now invite people to the site. To do this you must:
      1. Click the Share button on the top right 

      2. Type in the person’s email and select Send. You can add multiple users by separating each email with a semi colon. You can also assign permissions to each user under Show Options 

    4. Once invited, the users will have access to the site and can begin uploading and sharing documents!


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