How to Create a New List in MailChimp and Import an Existing Contact List from Excel

1. Log into MailChimp (or create an account)

2. In the top left corner, go to Lists

3. You’ll need to create your list by selecting Create List

4. Fill out the list details, use as much information as possible so that you can interact with your leads in the most professional and accurate way.

  • For the List Name, use something appropriate and specific, as your subscribers will see this information, for example ‘Your Company Name Newsletter’ or ‘Your Company Name Contest’.
  • The default Email Address should also be related to what they are signing up for, this is the email address they will reply to. If possible, set up separate email address to keep your lists separate and organized.
  • The default From Name should be recognizable to your audience immediately, examples would be company name or event/contest name.
  • The Reminder on how people signed up for the list is just a short statement that will trigger the reader on why they are getting this email from you.
  • Contact Information for the list is necessary, per MailChimp Terms of Use. “You must include your contact information inside every promotional campaign that you send, including a physical mailing address or PO Box where you can receive mail. (Not a website or email address.)”

You can read additional information on MailChimps Terms of Use here.

5. Lastly, choose what type of notifications you’d like to receive.

6. Save!

7. Once your list is created, you can import your Contact List to your new list you’ve created to start sending out your mass emails to your leads.

8. Select Add contacts > Import contacts

9. There are multiple ways to do this, from an Excel list you can import it as a .CSV file. Make sure you’ve changed it to this format prior to importing. Select Next in the bottom right hand corner.

10. Your .CSV needs to be as easy to upload as possible, make sure each column is clearly defined and separated out as much as possible for a detailed import to function properly and be organized.
For Example: Company Name | Address 1 | Address 2 | City | State | Zip | Phone | First Name | Last Name | Email

11. Upload file and hit Next

12. You can go column by column and edit the Field/Field type to confirm the loaded information is correct and going into the right type of field for the future campaigns to be sent correctly.

13. Now you’re all set to Import and categorize your Contact List and send your first campaign! You can always add, import additional lists, merge other lists, delete contacts and gain new subscribers via external call to actions or subscriptions at any time.

 Nicole Roberts

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