How To: Design Successful Software Training Programs

At the end of a software training program, employees should walk away feeling competent and confident in the skills presented.
A successful training program can increase employee motivation and productivity, so it is worth all the time and energy that training specialists can devote.

Know the Audience. One of the easiest mistakes to make is not to tailor the training program to the audience. How will they use the system? An administrator training should be vastly different from a basic user training as each relies on a different set of skills. What are the skills that would benefit the organization? Once the skills are determined, they can be applied to the real-world tasks that employees carry out. This provides a top-down approach encapsulating both the big picture and the day-to-day activities.

Call in the Experts. Consult with the content experts at your company to develop the best materials possible. Content experts can provide insights into the system and skills necessary for competency as well as give suggestions for which training medium to use for maximum information absorption. Developing interesting training videos can also ensure training continues after the session ends.

  Repeat Important Information. Distill the most important pieces of information into short repetitious sayings or slogans. These snappy sentences can stick out longer, helping the employees remember the training information. At the end of every session, recap the high-level portions of the training. Before beginning a new session, give a quick refresher on the previously covered information.

Train in Small Doses. There is only so much information even the most enthusiastic trainee can absorb. Break up the topics so that they are spread over the training period. Consider spending a little time each on separate topics, rather than covering a single topic each day. Be sure to build in breaks as well and reflect how the trainings affect the employees.

Give Avenues for Feedback. Feedback can be structured in multiple ways to make sure all trainees are involved. Ask questions through the training and require spoken answers to ensure the information is diffused through the training room. Create surveys to distribute to the trainees at the end of the sessions. Ask them about what they learned and what could be improved.

Ensuring that all trainees are involved and no one is left behind guarantees a successful training. The goal is to ultimately build the skills and confidence of each employee to create a stronger team.


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