Microsoft Flow: Automate Communication Between Dynamics Services

In this blog post, we will explore one of the Microsoft Flow features to automate communication between Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365 (CRM). Flow can be found in the list of available Office 365 apps, as shown below. 

Microsoft Flow comes with ready-made templates or a new Flow can be created from scratch. 

We are going to make use of an existing template to create a new record in Dynamics 365 (CRM) when a new list item is added in SharePoint. 

  1. First, enter the credentials to access SharePoint and Dynamics 365 (CRM). 

  2. Select the SharePoint Site and List where the new item will be created.  To protect the confidentiality of our clients, some fields containing data in the following steps have been whited out. 

  3. Also, select the Dynamics 365 entity and the values for the newly created record that will be created automatically once the Flow is executed when a new list item in SharePoint is created. 

  4. Check the status of the executed Flow by clicking on the icon on the upper right-hand side, as shown below. 

  5. Create a new item in the SharePoint list. The status indicates if the Flow job has Succeeded, Skipped, or Failed

  6. Once the job is successfully executed, a new record is automatically created in Dynamics 365 (CRM). 


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