New Year, Newbie

Great people and great minds don’t join the bandwagon — they make their own. Be the best version of yourself and make the changes you must in order to grow; remember that without growth, there is no survival. – Unknown

It’s never easy being the new guy. Whether you’re heading into your first job out of school or your 10th… the first days at any new gig are rarely easy ones. New coworkers, a new office, and a brand-new work culture all lend to the feeling that you are a stranger in an even stranger land.

I’ve been at Aeon Nexus for just about 2 weeks now. Despite my friendly co-workers and inviting atmosphere, my experience thus far has been exciting—and a bit nerve racking.  Changing careers at 36 meant being prepared for a whole new learning curve. I mean, what was CRM and Power BI anyways?? The acronyms and lingo itself had my head spinning on day one. As much as you study, and read your company’s website beforehand… nothing really prepares you for a new job like getting thrown into the trenches, and hoping you survive long enough to keep your head afloat

A few things I’ve learned on my new adventure thus far:

  • There’s only one thing that you can do- MAKE A PLAN and put your best foot forward.
  • It’s important to act friendly ALL THE TIME, even if you are feeling frazzled from all the information you’re trying to process.
  • Take responsibility. Make lists of information you need. Talk to people. Start to build your network.
  • Push through and deal with this stuff and hope everyone warms up to you eventually.

And one day, someone else will be hired and then they’ll be the new person instead of you. It’ll be your turn to refuse to talk to them, make them feel insecure, and then ask to borrow their stapler.

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