One App To Rule Them All

Microsoft recently announced a massive change to the way they offer business process and productivity management to their customers. This fall, Dynamics 365 will combine Microsoft’s ERP and CRM clouds under a single data model. The reimagined Dynamics product will offer operations, sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and project service automation apps, with Microsoft Social Engagement integrated into each. With this new model for customer relationship software, Microsoft challenges the existing CRM services, radically changing both the buying and selling of Dynamics CRM. Dynamics 365 customers will be able to exactly tailor their software capabilities to their business purpose. Additionally, Dynamics 365 will natively incorporate Cortana, advanced analytics, and tightly integrate with Office, all directed toward transforming businesses’ ability to empower employees and engage customers.

One of the new ways Microsoft plans to empower employees with Dynamics 365 involves role-based licensing. Customers will be able to license users based on their professional roles. While the traditional licensing scheme will still be available to customers, the role-based licenses will support flexible employee roles and allow for a simpler process flow. Following the lead of Salesforce, Microsoft launched AppSource where companies can develop applications and plugin components specific to their needs and industries. Ultimately the goal of AppSource is to increase the innovation and collaboration between Microsoft Partners.

There will be a transition period for existing customers to the new Dynamics 365 model. Current CRM Online customers will be able to remain on their subscription plans, but will have to transition to Dynamics 365 at the time of their renewal. Mapping current licenses to the Dynamics 365 licensing scheme might present some complications for some existing customers; however, it should be relatively easy. For example, the Enterprise license for CRM Online will be equivalent to the capabilities provided by the Dynamics 365 Enterprise plan. In hopes that more customers will transition to the cloud, Microsoft will be offering incentives to current on-premise customers who purchase full Dynamics 365 plans. However, those on-premise customers who do not wish to move to the cloud, will be able to maintain their perpetual licenses.

Microsoft has once again shown their commitment to both providing customers with many efficiency-driven options and optimizing business transformation. We at Aeon Nexus are excited for the changes coming to Dynamics CRM and are looking forward to ensuring a smooth transition for all of our customers.


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