Power BI – MS Dynamics CRM Online Integration

Power BI provides extensive business intelligence capabilities to create advanced reports and dashboards. The reports can be created using Power BI desktop or within the Power BI service. Once the reports are built, they can be published to the Power BI embedded service within Microsoft Azure or they can be published to web, as well. There exists a seamless integration between Power BI and other software services and in this blog, we will explore the integration between Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Download and install the Power BI Desktop software from the Microsoft Power BI website.

  2. Once installed, open the Power BI Desktop.

  3. Click on the Get Data button to connect to a Data Source.

  4. Click More, search for CRM, and select Connect.

  5. Provide the Organization Data URL in the textbox and connect to CRM Online.
    a. Sign in with your Dynamics CRM Online account.
    b. Select the Organization Account and switch to Organization Data URL in the dropdown.

  6. Once connected, you should see a Navigator window with the list of entities in the left window pane and the fields for the selected entities on the right side.

  7. Once your chosen entity is selected, the data appears in the Power Query editor and is ready for any additional transformation.

  8. You could also choose columns to appear in the Query editor and as part of your Dataset from the Choose Columns button in the menu.

  9. In this example, I’ve created Group By from the Transform tab on the Address1_Country column and created a new Conditional Column, Priority, to display a value of High, if Revenue > $1000000 and otherwise display a value of Low.

  10. Data can then be used to create a multitude of visualizations. In this example, I’ve used the dataset results from the previous step to create a Stacked Column Chart visualization.

  11. Once the visualization is finished, save and then publish the report to the Power BI service using the Publish button in the Home tab. Please note that you need to create a Power BI service account and log in before publishing the chart.


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