The Importance of Aeon Nexus Having a Strong Social Media Presence #SocialMediaGoals

One of the things we do at Aeon Nexus is a monthly ‘Lunch and Learn’ where the staff gets together for a lunch time presentation done by one of our peers, and we get a free lunch! Sometimes it can get a little technical, but we get a great opportunity to learn and engage internally.

It was recently mine and Jenna’s turn for a Lunch and Learn presentation – since the two of us can get slightly awkward sometimes, we decided to utilize this training time to be interactive, creative, and informational but also discuss a topic that’s relatable.

Our goal was to amp everyone up to be Aeon Nexus social media advocates because in all reality, our website and social media content is THEIR content, how could they not want to share and support us!?

The Importance of Aeon Nexus Having a Strong Social Media Presence and Our 2017 Motivations:

We began by asking our peers what the first thing they would do when they hear of a company they’ve never heard of before. ALL TOGETHER NOW – GOOGLE! Social media pages represent nearly 2 billion people/company accounts. These staggering numbers represent just how  influenced we all are by a social media presence. This is what we need to be tapped into.

Things we’re looking to do this year are:

  • Increase brand recognition, by having a strong presence on social media, we make it easier for our customers to find and connect with us. Connecting with our customers on social media = increased customer retention and brand loyalty.
  • We want to improve customer service, even if our employees aren’t on social media, our customers expect the company to be. Generally, people would rather engage in an online chat or a social media page to find the answers to my questions vs. calling a toll-free number and press a bunch of things only to wait on hold forever or get disconnected before resolving anything. Jenna and I are constantly responding and engaging with the followers we do have. This quick, human responsiveness allows people to feel like they are a priority to us.
  • Boosting search engine rankings is another goal of ours; one of the major benefits of social media for businesses is using it to grow website traffic. Without social media, inbound traffic is limited to people already familiar with our company and individuals blindly searching for keywords we currently rank for.  The more we hashtag, geotag, and representation we have across our platforms, the more potential leads we will gain! Creating a social media account takes seconds, but maintaining a presence is a long-term commitment.
  • Lastly, we are looking to improve customer insights, by actively listening and being relevant to our current and potential customers.

Our social media success depends on our followers and since we’re a small business we need to start from within – Jenna and I are already our biggest cheerleaders when it comes to being on social media but its more than just our job, we’re passionate to see the company grow as a top performer in our industry. So please, give us a like or a follow!

 Nicole Roberts

Aeon Nexus Corporation
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