Welcome, Jake Tanner - Business Analyst

On July 8th we welcomed Jake Tanner to the team as a Business Analyst!

Jake comes to Aeon with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Media Production with a certification in game studies and development from SUNY, University at Buffalo. His previous jobs included a lifeguarding position for the past 5 years as well as working as an economics tutor for student athletes while in school.

“I am looking forward to learning and absorbing as much information as possible from the clearly talented team that I am joining. I hope to add a new perspective to forthcoming issues and provide any assistance I can to my coworkers. I am extremely excited to gain experience in the fields of information technology and computer science while maintaining a solid basis and understanding in business theory.”

His new responsibilities include acting as an effective line of communication between development teams and clients and ensure complete satisfaction to both parties, generating insightful analyses of business practices and decisions, and any other duties as assigned, he is available to help in any way needed or desired!

Currently, Jake is studying for/researching/planning his path to MCSA certification, followed by MCSE shortly after.

  • Hobbies: Music, Gaming, Sports (played tennis and was a swimmer throughout high school), Technology, Traveling, Finance…
  • Pets: 2 Newfoundland’s, Cole and Orisa.
  • Travel: Have been on two trips this year, Iceland in January and Paris, France in March.
  • Favorite books: A song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin and Game of Thrones in general (hopefully the books end better than the show did)
  • Favorite quote from favorite movie: “Au Revoir, Shoshanna!”
  • Bucket List: Travel more, ideally every continent at least once.

 Jake Tanner - Business Analyst

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