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Top 4 Reasons Why the 6th Largest County in the Nation Chose Dynamics 365 to Build Their Case Management Future On

Ask yourself this question– Why would the 6th largest county in the nation, make a decision to rip and replace a 20-year old point legacy system with Dynamics 365, rather than a COTS program built specifically for a DA office?  What could be the benefits in making this type of non-traditional decision that is so wide-reaching across a key local government entity?  The following items were key considerations that led to the decision in Riverside to build their future on ProsecutorNexus and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application.

  • Flexibility: There is strength in flexibility.  The ability to develop a new case management system on an open architecture platform like Dynamics 365, gives the county a much more robust and flexible way to deal with change.  There is a reason that many DA offices are sitting on legacy systems that are no longer working in the way they were intended.  The square peg into a round hole mentality does not offer a good long term strategy for any organization, much less one that is responsible for the safety of our counties.  Dynamics 365 offers that flexibility, being able to adjust with ever changing legislation in a configurable way that reduces the possibility of getting painted into a corner with custom development code.
  • Analytics: The IT department of any DA office is going to appreciate the ability for end users to do their own ad-hoc reporting, rather than clogging up an IT resource with monthly, weekly or even daily reporting requests. The Dynamics 365 application provides a non-code, non-DBA interface to put the power of reporting in the hands of those most intimately connected with the reports being requested.  Attorneys, Clerical, and Victim Services staff alike are excited about having access to ad-hoc reporting immediately, versus having to contend with a potential bottleneck of limited IT resources trying to service a wide range of reporting requests.
  • Cost: As with any new case management initiative, cost is always a consideration. Dynamics 365, with ProsecutorNexus layered on top of it, is in many cases a less expensive option in both initial deployment and on-going support.  The pre-built ProsecutorNexus solution provides the advantages that many COTS applications would offer, removing the need to custom develop core requirements of a case management system and the resulting costs that accompany this type of custom development project.  Likewise, the fact that the ProsecutorNexus product is built on the core Dynamics 365 application, gives the ability for any IT staff to train on the base Microsoft platform and be able to address many potential support issues in the future, rather than having to always depend on the vendor to address a situation.
  • Time to deploy: Using the solutions concept of the Dynamics 365 application, Aeon Nexus can quickly layer the ProsecutorNexus solution on top of a Dynamics 365 organization to quickly provide a case management application with core functionality.  This provides any DA office an 80/20 concept, giving the organization 80% of Prosecutor Case Management functionality with very little to no work up front, then focusing efforts on modifying the remaining 20% of the application to meet specific needs of the office.  This results in an agile type of project deployment and reduces the time required to deploy the solution.

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