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JusticeNexus, formerly ProsecutorNexus, is a person-centric solution that greatly improves the efficiency of the agency through
the prevention of duplicate data entries, flexibility to account for changes in personnel and roles, enhanced searching capabilities,
simple and efficient template-driven legal document creation, and coordinated rule-based calendaring capabilities.


The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office is comprised of approximately 700 attorneys and support staff which serve more than 2 million residents. The DA’s Office files on average, more than 60,000 criminal cases each year and is one of the largest District Attorney’s offices in the state. The County desired a solution that would offer the ability to manage, process, track and evaluate Criminal (Adult and Juvenile), Victim/Witness, Civil, Asset Forfeiture, Restitution, Welfare Fraud, State Prison, DOJ Grants, Administrative, and Investigations cases. The new system also needed to provide for trial management, event tracking, discovery compliance, subpoena service tracking, evidence tracking, data exchange with criminal justice partners, financial transaction recordings, and an overall elimination of manual and redundant processes.

Solution Type

Case Management
Legal Services
Public Safety & Justice


Our District Attorney Case Management Solution, JusticeNexus, streamlines business processes for rapidly moving cases through the criminal justice system. The solution includes constituent management, seamless email and calendar integration, & document storage and management. Built on the robust Dynamics 365 platform, our solution centralizes all constituents, tracks case information, increases staff productivity, and reduces risks. Our solution integrates flawlessly with other products in the Microsoft stack such as Outlook, Word, Excel and SharePoint. In addition, workflows can be applied to manage matters of a less prescriptive work type, such as litigation, automate routine tasks, manage large complex cases, and ensures CJIS compliance.

User Base

700 System Users


Utilizing superior data collection and statistical analysis tools, Aeon Nexus is affording the DA’s office the ability to focus prosecutions and law enforcement into areas where rising crime activity occurs throughout the County and/or at businesses that are habitually victimized. The new system’s ability to identify crime hotspots or individual criminals with particular locations in the County, will greatly enhance the DA’s ability to aggregate charges and target criminal elements. Built-in mobile capabilities will offer all users the ability to access the CMS remotely via tablets and smartphones.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016
Office 365
Adxstudio Portals