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Aeon Nexus provided the County of Albany with an Emergency Management Portal to help keep citizens informed before, during, and after an emergency.


The County of Albany was seeking to more efficiently and effectively deliver Emergency Management and Recovery activities that fall under the responsibility of the County Executive. Due to the continued growth in force and frequency of natural disasters and national security threats, the County was looking to enhance their abilities to identify, assess, and respond to emergencies. In addition, the County has the responsibility of managing information, communication, and recovery activities.

Solution Type

Public Safety & Justice
Emergency Management
Constituent Services


Aeon Nexus developed and implemented an Emergency Management Portal. Our approach was to develop a solution that facilitated information sharing and communication before, during, and after a crisis impacting the people of Albany County. Our team utilized Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, built on the Microsoft .Net Framework to construct a scalable, content-managed website. This new emergency services website supports live steaming video; Twitter and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds; Bing Maps for navigating threats and resources; and location-based information (ex. nearest shelters) provides immediate data visualization. The County of Albany Emergency Management Portal provides citizens with access to emergency planning information, as well as up-to-date information from the County Executive and key emergency response leaders during emergency situations. Citizen-centric electronic services delivers recovery programs and grant applications help get communities back on their feet with efficient web forms and rule-based workflows. Windows Azure provides reliable, instantly scalable cloud services with the capacity to meet catastrophic event traffic and load demands.

User Base

300,000 Citizens
100 System Users


Our solution assists the County of Albany with enhanced information sharing, better prepared citizens, and enables stronger public-private collaboration, before, during, and after an emergency.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online
Adxstudio Portal