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Aeon Nexus provided a Fleet Management system that greatly enhance the management and tracking of the County’s fleet with quick and easy viewing


The County of Albany is composed of three cities, ten towns, and is home to approximately 300,000 citizens. Albany County maintains an extensive fleet of vehicles required by County employees and agencies to properly conduct business and provide services to their community. The County employs several staff to oversee the management and servicing of these vehicles to ensure that they are properly allocated and maintained, and that all usage and expenses are appropriately accounted for with accurate documentation. Throughout the year, several reports are generated to properly track the individual expenditures of the vehicles in the fleet and identify any specific areas of concern including aging, unreliable vehicle identification, and misuse.

Solution Type

Public Safety & Justice
Fleet Management


Documentation involving vehicle information, purchase price, mileage logs, fuel card charges, and general maintenance and repair was handled through manual spreadsheet based processes that were cumbersome to maintain and prone to error. Aeon Nexus identified the existing on-premise Dynamics 365 framework as the best platform for quickly constructing a countywide fleet management application to replace workflows. The new system allows users to track individual fleet vehicles and all associated mileage, fuel, maintenance, and repair costs in an intuitive online system. Data is quickly entered into the system based upon how users are most capable of receiving data. Developed workflows facilitate quick and easy association of individual pieces of information with the proper fleet vehicle. The system is able to generate all existing reports automatically, while also allowing management staff to quickly identify new trends and potentially fraudulent activities

User Base

300,000 Citizens
100 System Users


To enhance knowledge transfer, our team worked to build the system in a classroom environment with actual user participation leading the design. The solution exemplified the rapid application development (RAD) capabilities of the Dynamics CRM platform and delivered a completed solution with well-trained County staff, in a short-term engagement.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013