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Aeon Nexus provided the Lake George Park Commission with a robust solution for issuing permits, contact storage, and tracking site inspections with ease.


The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) had a pressing need to replace an existing permit, licensing, and case tracking system that had been internally developed in FoxPro over a span of 15 years. The existing application was quickly approaching its end-of-life and was becoming more unreliable with time. Early internal efforts failed to recreate the desired functionality in Microsoft Access, and a fully custom ASP.Net solution was begun only to discover that the costs associated with meeting all system requirements were much higher than the original budget.

Solution Type

Permits & Licensing
Case Management


Aeon Nexus offered Dynamics CRM Online as a platform to meet all of the unique demands of LGPC, while greatly reducing development effort and total cost of development. In just 5 weeks, a Dynamics CRM Online Permit and Management System was created and handed over to the LGPC staff to begin testing. The solution includes all data entry screens, workflows, and business rules necessary for the park commission to manage permitting and licensing while meeting the demand for offline capabilities necessary for patrol officers to create tickets. This online and offline feature allows enforcement officers to use the system while on patrol in remote lake areas. Once connected to Internet, all information is synchronized. Bing map integration allows users satellite views of parcel addresses, eliminating the need to use other mapping programs. Dynamics CRM Online could produce a solution in one month that other approaches failed to produce for over several years.

User Base

5,000 Land Parcels
50 System Users


Our solution assisted the Lake George Park Commission with enhanced information sharing, customizable reports, and GIS compatibility for integration with tax maps and aerial photos. The team’s productivity has increased immensely since the application was launch. They now have a streamlined automated process for submitting applications and issuing permits and licenses.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online
Office 365