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Thanks to our solution, the division now has the capability to centrally manage and share current information in real-time about its contacts
and ongoing work with their clients, multipliers, Virginia growers, specialty food companies, buyers and other agribusinesses.


The Division of Marketing & Development of Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) provides marketing and promotional support to more than 13,000 agribusinesses engaged in a wide variety of activities like farming, processing, selling and agro-tourism to boost the multi- billion dollar agriculture based industry in the State of Virginia.  However, the division lacked a central system to house company names, addresses, specific points of contact and a history of interactions with the companies and organizations.

Contact information resided within each staff person’s rolodex or Outlook contact list and a dated Oracle database which did not allow for sharing within the division or simplified communication with groups of contacts (i.e. all tobacco growers, all grain growers, all livestock growers, etc.). This led to broken and uncoordinated communication with clients, negatively impacted customer service, and hindered the division’s goals to assist agribusiness growth to achieve an increase in employment and revenue for the Commonwealth.

Solution Type

Case Management
Customer Relationship Management


VDACS decided to implement a CRM solution to solve this problem and procured Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for this purpose. They hired Aeon Nexus to implement the solution. The project scope was to configure the platform, train users, and migrate data from an existing Oracle database to the CRM instance. The solution features tailored navigation, simplified custom forms (for management of organizations, contacts, and communications), processes for managing product and certifications (“Organic” or “VA Finest”), event tracking, dashboards, custom views, and pre-defined reports. Our solution, including data migration, was delivered within the project budget & timeline.

However, the success of any new CRM implementation, especially ones that initiate changes to the work culture, is determined by its adoption. Aeon’s team recognized this challenge and invested extra time in understanding the business processes and desired outcomes. In addition, extensive training was imparted to VDACS’ staff to include one-on-one training sessions and video tutorials for all key processes.

User Base

500 System Users


The implementation of our CRM system positions the department to support the VDACS commissioner’s priority of enhancing customer service while simultaneously improving the functionality of the agency’s web presence. The division now has the capability to centrally manage and share real-time current information about its contacts and ongoing work with their clients, multipliers, Virginia growers, specialty food companies, buyers, and other agribusinesses. Our solution allows VDACS to better serve the agribusinesses and maintain consistent communications with them regarding important leads from potential buyers (national and international), resulting in prompt response by the businesses.

In addition, our solution can receive most up to date information on each business and help identify issues that need to be addressed. The division also works extensively with a wide range of outside organizations including grower groups, commodity boards, economic developers, community-focused organizations, and state & national-level agricultural associations. A central contact database ensures that staff can stay in touch with these organizations, as needed, and improve their satisfaction levels. Staff can now search for producers and companies based on specific criteria such as product, industry segment, geographic region, exporter, etc., and to improve outreach, communicate with these groups en masse about specific events and symposiums. The final solution assists in keeping track of events, participants, and outcomes. The system also allows the agency to provide secretarial reporting, respond to requests for information, and fulfill media requests in an expeditious and effective manner.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013