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Our Power BI solution provides the City of Doral with meaningful, actionable data across departments
as well as furthering its mission of providing the utmost transparency to its citizens.


The City of Doral had dashboards that relied on manual entry of data, causing any statistics derived from it to be unreliable. As a result, the dashboards were not up-to-date and had fallen out of use by the majority of city government departments. Additionally, there was no simple manner to communicate to municipal residents the amount work or rate of return for each department.

Solution Type

Business Intelligence
Data Analytics


To increase the streamline the data and quality of analytics, Aeon Nexus designed and built a business intelligence solution using Microsoft Power BI. The solution exhibits a dashboard for each of the city departments with data specific to their business processes and everyday tasks. The data on the dashboards is pulled from both on-premise SQL servers and third-party web APIs. The dashboards refresh on the first of every month, displaying the previous month’s data. An Aeon Nexus analyst worked directly with a City of Doral employee to understand their data and design creative, insightful visualizations.

User Base

1 System User
10,000 + Audience Outreach


Our Power BI solution increased the quality of the data by excluding any data that required manual entry. All data sources are managed by machines. Each of the visualization created gives actionable insights to both city management and municipal citizen, enhancing the dialogue throughout Doral. The City of Doral valued the dashboards greatly and have since increased the number of dashboards displayed their city website.


Microsoft Power BI