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Thanks to our solution, the City can easily meet their objectives of enabling higher OTR staff efficiency; increased reporting capabilities; data quality improvement; enforcement of standardized processes; capturing more individuals seeking assistance; increasing quality of assistance provided; and assessing quality of referred providers.


The Operational Transformation Rochester (OTR) had a paper-based system application process for a comprehensive program for the City’s youth and adults seeking education, vocation, and employment. The application review process had multiple steps involving data-gathering assessments before leading to approval or rejection. This paper-based system made it difficult for standardized processes to be enforced throughout the organization, leading to inconsistent data quality and reporting.

Solution Type

Health & Human Services
Application Tracking
Program Management


To increase the efficiency of the OTR department, Aeon Nexus designed and built a solution using an on-premise deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution addresses the newly streamlined processes of the OTR and developed a data architecture consistent with them. It enables an intake specialist to capture initial data using a digital CRM application and assign it to an assessment coordinator for evaluation and referral to human services. After an application is submitted for review, the OTR Director determines whether an applicant is accepted in the program. After the applicant is accepted into the program, the OTR staff tracks participation in program check-ins, events, and services. The solution leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Document Template functionality to improve communication between OTR Staff and their program applicants.

User Base

25 System Users


Our Program Management solution enhances the availability and effectiveness of anti-poverty services for City citizens by automating and streamlining the application process to make the OTR staff more efficient at their jobs. The increased departmental efficiency enables the OTR to capture more individuals seeking assistance and improves the quality of assistance provided. In addition to improving the quality of data captured during the application and program processes, the solution increases reporting capabilities on departmental SLAs.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016