About CitiNexus

CitiNexus, is a flexible, user-friendly citizen management system and 311 solution that enables local governments to engage their citizens and use data to fully understand citizens’ needs. Built on the Dynamics 365 and Dynamics Portals platforms, CitiNexus is a scalable solution designed to helps cities engage their citizens, empower city employees, optimize city operations & infrastructure, and transform & accelerate innovation and opportunity. CitiNexus also features a robust online self-service portal complete with 311 modules. This streamlines the day-to-day functions of your organization while providing insight into your citizens’ needs, allowing you to connect with them in meaningful ways.

Explore Citizen Service Request Features

311 Knowledge Base: Keep citizens & employees informed

Streamline support costs by allowing your citizens to self-service issues with access to a database of resolutions and other information that can be searched on your 311 portal.

311 Service Request Gallery: Get started quickly with pre-configured service requests

Leverage pre-configured commercial, residential, street infrastructure and other non-emergency local service requests to expedite your 311 citizen services portal implementation.

Case Deflection with Knowledge Base & Alerts: Increase inbound capacity with helpful issue deflection.

Reduce service costs with a library of knowledge base articles and an option for citizens to receive alert notifications to avoid opening common ticket requests.

Duplicate Detection: Automatically detect duplicate requests to minimize coordination effort.

Save valuable time and resources by detecting duplicate citizen service requests to avoid redundant effort in resolution.

SLA Management: Ensure efficient time to service

Improve citizen satisfaction by setting response time on incoming requests while tracking, reviewing and improving performance with real-time data.

User Profile Management: Let portal users self-manage account and profile information

Capture user profiling information relevant to your business with a customizable web form.

Web Forms: Expose any packaged or custom CRM form live on your portal

Capture customer information with web forms in using a single step, multiple steps or branching logic.

Permits, Licensing & Inspections: Offer self-service applications & transaction processing

Deliver LEAN government by empowering departments and agencies with easy-to-configure web forms, transaction processing, administrative workflows, tracking and reporting.

Twitter to Service Request: Listen and address citizen concerns

Monitor social chatter to manage public perception and resolve potential service issues quickly.

Work Assignment & Tracking: Automate request routing and reporting

Improve efficiency and transparency by assigning and tracking citizen services requests through established workflows.


In addition, many of our CitiNexus solutions integrate with Azure Government Cloud, Adxstudio Portals, SharePoint, and Microsoft Power BI.