Health and Human Services

About Health and Human Services

Our solutions connect people to services more efficiently and effectively to improve care delivery. We empower agencies to improve the health of their communities and citizens with solutions that span population health, primary care, remote care, case management, and social benefits administration. Improving care through the coordination of information across the multiple entities involved with intake assessment, eligibility, scheduling, planning, outreach, and performance measuring. Our solutions help agencies meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs, and improve care by unlocking data and improving collaboration.


Speed routine processes, such as intake assessments and eligibility

By analyzing the performance of routine processes over time, improvements can be made that eliminate unnecessary steps and increase client satisfaction.

Improve the quality and consistency of care

Automated processes can be created to ensure critical safety procedures are followed, and that the organization is in compliance with privacy and other regulatory policies.

Eliminate time wasted accessing information

By electronically storing indexed documents, less time is spent searching for information needed to deliver quality services.

Automate proactive communications

By viewing client data sorted by certain characteristics, targeted proactive communications can easily be sent.

Help prevent additional issues

With a 360-degree view of citizens, public health officials can more easily identify relationships between current issues and future concerns.

Support a mobile workforce

Maximize the time staff members spend with clients in the field by providing remote data access and the ability to easily upload case information.

Solutions We've Implemented

Health and Human Services Solutions We've Implemented with Dynamics 365

Juvenile Justice: Role security limits access to only authorized users.

Allow instant access to critical data in order to provide services for youth involved in the municipal system.

Children & Family Services: Manage child welfare with care.

Share critical information to improve the safety of communities, the productivity of case workers & stake holders, and the lives & outcomes of vulnerable children and families.

Community Health Portal: Provide citizens with self-service capabilities.

Allow governments to manage citizen interaction from request to resolution surrounding public health issues.

Population Health: Bring vendors together to provide better services.

Empower communities to work collaboratively, help counties share data more efficiently, and assist state agencies in understanding how programs are performing.

Heat & Energy Assistance: Eliminate time consuming paper processes.

Automated processes and approval workflows based on information entered determines eligibility based on local laws and mandates.

Investigative Case Management: Combine data into a single repository.

Enhanced tools for case collaboration, 360-degree view of cases, and instant access to related information allows investigators to do their job anywhere, from any device.