About PoliceNexus

PoliceNexus leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government to make processes more efficient and dramatically increase productivity. Daily tasks are streamlined with automated workflows and collaboration features that increase throughput and provide a central hub for all potential candidate and recruitment campaign information. Our solution is scalable and provides law enforcement organizations, a fast, flexible, and affordable solution arming recruiters and management with accurate real-time information. Today's workforces want to work for firms where they can do their finest work, demonstrate impact, and drive career development. Our solution enables premiere experiences beginning with employee attraction, engagement, expansion, and retention.

PoliceNexus Features

Automated Processes

Automate recruitment processes.

Automated processes are fully configurable to meet your business rules and workflow processes based on local, state and federal statutes or ordinances.

Cutting Edge Software

COTS platform with full configuration capabilities to meet specific needs.

Our solution provides a 360-degree view of a candidate, bringing together all relative information into one cohesive record.


Know at a glance, the status of a candidate and where they are in the hiring process.

Our solution delivers configurable and easy to use dashboards with real-time recruitment information for candidates you or your team monitor with on a daily basis.

Document Management

Save time searching for documents.

Our solution is fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint. Integration with SharePoint allows for efficient applicant document generation, management, storage, and collaboration.

Alerts & Notifications

Automate routine processes by using built-in alerts and workflows.

Leveraging our solutions automated processes, users can receive email notifications for status, mandatory tests, missing information requests, or networking events based on locally defined business rules.

Data Analytics

Provide department management with productivity metrics and dashboards.

Dashboards and performance metrics provide recruiters and executive management with an in-depth look at applicant and support staff processes and tracking performance.

Calendar & Email Integration

Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for recruitment events, tasks, and emails to be synced directly into your Outlook Calendar.

PoliceNexus Modules

Applicant Tracking & Hiring

Save hours of time monitoring recruits performance.

Allow your office to better maintain your potential candidates by tracking them within the application process. Provide for easy intake and tracking of candidates' performance on each test part in the hiring process, assisting with identifying areas of candidate improvement.

Law Enforcement Recruiter Services

All candidates being monitored in a single location.

Allow your recruitment services group to access real-time information giving recruiters the most recent information regarding their candidates. This module provides your team with the ability to run key analytics and reports required for capturing and tracking data related to performance.

Application Process Management

Eliminate duplicate entry and confusion.

Track applicants referrals, communications, current status, qualifications, test scores, physical fitness evaluations, and attended networking events for a quick decision in the hiring process.

Training and Certification Management

Filter through the large number and wide range of competencies.

Use the Training and Certification module to ensure the appropriate steps that need to be taken are addressed and communicated to the individual in order to complete the requirements.