About ReadyNexus

Aeon Nexus Corporation offers a fully integrated, browser-based Emergency Management System that takes advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help public health organizations, disaster response teams and emergency personnel make processes more efficient, identify and track emergent cases, respond to emergencies more effectively and share data in real-time. Streamline response tasks with automated workflows and notifications, utilizing collaborate features that increase productivity and provide a central hub for all case information. Our solution is scalable and provides emergency management agencies of all sizes a fast, flexible, rapidly-deployable, mobile solution, arming all responders with accurate real-time information. Our solution provides emergency management organizations the tool set for management of resources and responsibilities to easily streamline dealing with all aspects of emergencies or disasters.

ReadyNexus Features

Cutting Edge Software

COTS platform with full configuration capabilities to meet specific needs.

Our solution provides a 360-degree view of a case, bringing together all subsequent information into one cohesive record.


Transform your business by migrating to the cloud.

If you're a Microsoft Dynamics on-premises customer, then you're cloud ready. Access cutting-edge technology, control costs and complexity, and improve IT productivity by migrating your existing solution to the cloud.


Support a mobile workforce.

Maximize the time staff members spend with clients in the field by providing remote data access and the ability to easily upload case information.


Know at a glance, the status of a case and who is involved.

Our solution delivers configurable and easy to use dashboards with real time case information for cases you or your team work with on a daily basis.

Document Management

Save time searching for documents.

Our solution is fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint. Integration with SharePoint allows for efficient document generation, management, storage, and collaboration.


We understand how important the healthcare provider-patient relationship is.

Set privacy and security requirements for how you care for patients' protected health information (PHI).

Automated Processes

Automate case intake processes.

Automated processes are fully configurable to meet your business rules and workflow processes.

Alerts & Notifications

Automate routine processes by using built-in alerts and workflows

Leveraging our solutions automated processes, users can receive email notifications for tasks, requests, or case events based on locally defined business rules.

Data Analytics

Provide department management with productivity metrics and dashboards.

Dashboards and performance metrics provide executive management with an in-depth look into emergency staff and support staff performance.

Calendar & Email Integration

Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for case events, tasks, and emails to be synced directly into your Outlook Calendar.

ReadyNexus Modules

Communications Management

Manage all parties and interests from a single solution with a robust mobile experience. Collaborate and share information in real-time using a cloud-based solution on virtually any device.

Concern/Case Management

Streamline concern, case and matter management through automated workflows that track and process items based on a configurable business rules engine and template-based document generation.

Case Mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) integration offers quick analysis of areas of concern via heat maps.

Triage & Resolution Management

Automate triage processes with dashboard-based oversight tailored to each user’s needs. Manage processes securely and efficiently while providing resolution and oversight.

Case Tracking/Follow-Up

Leverage native integration with Microsoft OutlookTM to automate notifications to users and groups via email or send alerts via SMS text.

Information Management

All information is stored in one secure cohesive solution from intake through disposition, available for data analysis, trending, and reporting.